Why is Supima Cotton X Tencel Micro Modal is considered the safest and most responsible fabric

Why is Supima Cotton X Tencel Micro Modal is considered the safest and most responsible fabric

Wear something that cares for you, your skin, as well as about your planet. A good fabric that is safe and easy to make, is not only your luxury but also of the environment.

Why is Supima® Cotton X TENCEL™ Micro Modal considered the safest and most responsible fabric?

When it is about to buy a clothing item you should always choose the best for you. It would stay the closest to your body. In fact, it is something that would probably be on your body for a whole day. So, it is your decision to choose a material that is best for your skin and also for the environment.

Of course, you can choose the clothes that are made by those companies that claim to reduce their carbon imprint but how would you know if they really do that. Thus, choose the fabrics that are best for your skin. Do you know which is the safest material for you to wear? We would tell you, and we would also tell you why they are good for the environment.

What is a safe and responsible fibre?

A safe and responsible fibre would be a fibre which would be good for your body and also earth. They need to be durable so they do wear or tear easily. They need to be soft so they do not tease your skin. Their colour should not fade easily. They are easy to keep. You can easily wash them and that would even save you a lot of time. They do not wrinkle too much. 

What is Supima® cotton and why is it best for you?

Want a one-word answer? Best. Yes, Supima® cotton is the best quality cotton. Grown in the USA the cotton is supreme. It doesn’t wrinkle, frays less, and moreover pills less. The best thing is it fades deliberately. All of these qualities come from its fibre being extra-long staple fibre. Generally, all cottons have fibres that are short but this cotton has long fibre and more the length of the fibre more the strength of the fibre.

Before buying you should know what makes Supima® best for you. Although there are a lot of reasons to buy clothes made of Supima®, premium properties can be named as softness, strength, and colour retention.

What is TENCEL™ modal and why is it loved by people?

TENCEL™ are made from beech trees. These trees are naturally grown. It is my favourite among people because it is flexible and soft. The process that is used to extract the fibre from the tree wood pulp is an environmentally responsible process. This is the perfect summer wear because it is absorbent fibre. In addition it is easy to drape, and it even wrinkles less. Thus, this summer you should add unisex t-shirts made of TENCEL™, to your wardrobe.

What is MicroModal? Why is it the best choice?

This fabric is also obtained from wood. The trees are naturally grown beech trees. The process to make the fabric is waste reduced and energy conserving. This fabric is the best choice if you care for the environment. Unlike other general fibre this micro modal does not shrink. It transports sweat outside of your clothes through wicking. This makes it a perfect material for innerwear.

Why are these fibres best for you?

Easy on your skin

Supima® is cotton but it feels like silk on your skin. Supima® is made of the fluffiest and finest part of the bulb. This property makes this fibre the best kind of fibre for your clothes that are closer to your skin. Underwear made of Supima® is cotton underwear men are most likely going to buy.

TENCEL™ feels as soft as sateen fabric. This makes it a favourite fabric for all kinds of clothes. Whether you want a t-shirt or your bed sheet TENCEL™ can become your number one choice.

Of course, micro modal is the easiest pick for your underwear because they are soft. But they are best for making pollution masks too. 

Stronger than usual cotton fabrics

All these fibres are strong which gives them durability and lustrousness. So, you don’t only get comfort but also durability. They do not tear easily even after regular use. Micro modal is best in this section and that is why underwear made of this material lasts long.

No tension of clothes being faded

 How many times have you bought something and after two or three washes it started fading? This would not happen with clothes made of Supima® cotton, TENCEL™ modal or micro model. Supima® absorbs dye properly because of being a long staple fibre. This gives you cloth that is rich in colour and has vibrant shades of colour.

TENCEL™ is made of natural cellulose, thus it can easily dye. The dye even lasts long and it does not fade easily. Some people claim that it does not show any sign of fading even after 50 washes and wears. Same goes with micro modal because it is made of natural cellulose too.

Your skin can breathe in these

If you care about your skin you would most likely wear these fabrics. Supima® is cotton that is why your skin can easily breathe in it. TENCEL™ is a light weight fabric and it is best to wear during summer. It is even more cooling fabric than cotton that is why this can be a choice of night sleepers during summers. 

Micro modal has a moisture-wicking property and it is a natural breather. It makes you feel cooler and cleaner than cotton. Due to all these properties this is a fabric that is best for making masks for air pollution.

Easy to care for

Ever wanted a cloth that was easy to drape, to wash, to dry, and to care for? All of these qualities can be found in Supima® cotton, TENCEL™ modal, and micro modal. Non-fading is a bonus. It would even be easy on your pocket due to its durability. You would not have to buy clothes again and again just because they became weary or faded. These all qualities make them the best choice for you.

Good for environment

Manufacturing these materials is less costly for the environment. Because Supima® is cotton it is biodegradable which means you would not leave any residue like other synthetic fabrics while disposing of it. Due to its durable nature you would even use it for a longer time than usual cotton fabric. 

All of this makes this a responsible fabric towards the environment. TENCEL™ is a material that requires less energy to make and on top of that it is a fibre obtained from wood pulp. Even after being a man made fibre micro modal is good for the environment. 

It is as biodegradable as natural fibre and as durable as it is touted. You can even call it an eco-friendly fabric. Micro modal production costs 10-20 times less water than general cotton. This property makes it good for the environment even more than general cotton.

Buying a safe fabric for yourself is your responsibility. But who is responsible for keeping the environment safe? Of course, it is you again. As much as we care for our safety, we should care about the planet too. Thus, choose clothing that is made of material that is safe for the environment and goes easy on the skin.


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