Underwear mistakes to avoid in summers!

Underwear mistakes to avoid in summers!

The summer season is notorious for sweat and the troubles that come with it. Thus, to get through the season you need to take extra care of yourself so you do not run into skin infections. But what about the areas that are neglected by a major population? 

Yes, your private parts. They need special care and attention these days. This season would bring issues specifically for your genital area. Thus, it is important to have comfortable innerwear during the season. You need to wear breathable underwear to experience good comfort.

Why wear underwear?

Yes again. Health, comfort, and cleanliness are the main reasons for wearing underwear. But are there good aspects of wearing comfortable man underpants? Well yes, and we have already listed a few for you.

  • Confidence rises up
    Believe it or not, underwear can boost up your confidence no doubt. Even if you wear some basics like trunk briefs.
  • Zipper accidents
    You might accidentally hurt your genitalia while zipping up a pair of pants or jeans. But underwear gives you protection from whether you wear stylish underwear or simple underwear.
  • Leakage no more
    If you experience blots on your new jeans your underwear would save you from that. Cotton underwear is best for that.
  • No more clogged pores
    Clogged skin pores down there would become a reason for the initiation of acne on your skin down there. Thus, it is important to wear the most comfortable men’s underwear.
  • Irritation gone
    The underwear protects you from every kind of trouble including irritation. To avoid irritation, you need to wear good quality briefs and trunks. Men’s low-rise briefs are also known for saving from irritation.
  • Comfortable workouts
    If you want comfort during a workout then you need to wear comfortable gym underwear. It would also save you from the hassle and difficulty during your workout session.

So many reasons to wear undergarments, right? But are there any mistakes you are making while wearing them? Yes, there are various common mistakes that we make while wearing underwear. And if speaking straight you should avoid them. Starting right now!

Stains scream attention, please

If you have stained undergarments then it is really important to know their origin. If you find stains in your underwear then it might be a sign of a health problem. Even if the stains are not due to any internal discharge you should avoid wearing stained underwear.

If you are stylish outside, go stylish inside. Don’t think before shopping for newly printed trunks for men. It is important to wear good to feel good.

Wearing tight underwear

The most uncomfortable thing to encounter is wearing tight underwear. Tight underwear can stop the flow of blood through vessels. Not only this but you would have to go through the awkwardness of readjusting it from time to time. Avoid wearing tight underwear during nighttime. It can surely affect your sperm quality and may fragment the DNA. 

If even that’s not enough then you risk a chance to encounter irritation and itching. Choose underwear that makes you comfortable. Keep special attention to the crotch area, if you find underwear with crotch comfort then pick it without thinking twice. To avoid tight underwear, choose classic briefs.

Wearing loose underwear

As tight underwear would make you feel uncomfortable, a loose one would do the same as well. You would lose all-time in adjusting it. This would distract you for the whole day. Thus, leave loose underwear and go shop for new trunk pants<, trunk briefs, low rise briefs, or anything that appeals to you. Running is not a thing you can do with loose underwear. Thus, find running underwear for men.

No idea about pairing

If you are someone who has no idea that underwear should be paired up, then you should know about it. You cannot wear boxers with slim-fit trousers that would add more trouble to you. Instead go for boxer briefs, briefs, and trunks. if your wardrobe does not contain trunks you should choose to buy trunks online.

For working out you should choose to go with fabrics like spandex or lycra, which provides more comfort while working out. Do not go for underwear made of cotton.

Using the same underwear for a long time

If you want to make your underwear your soulmate with a promise of not leaving then you are doing it wrong. As anything has an expiry date, even your underwear too. Thus, it is best to leave it when it expires and find the best innerwear for you.

Plus, when you feel good from inside you it reflects outside. A good pair of underwear would make you feel rich from your heart. Thus, go and shop for branded innerwear for men.

Not changing the sweaty underwear

If you can manage with sweaty underwear post-workout then don’t. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. Sweaty undergarments would make you vulnerable to various kinds of infections related to skin. You can even wear short trunks while working out and change into long trunks afterward.

If you do not want to make your sweaty underwear breeding ground for the bacteria and fungus then you should get out of it as you finish your workout. If possible then wash them as soon as you can. 

Say hello to washing

If you would not wear clean underwear you would not feel clean thus it is important to wash your underwear, especially during summers. It is important to make sure that you wear washed underwear.

Clean underwear looks as good as new as a brand. If you are searching for Indian branded men’s underwear, you might find it.

Hot water

Washing your underwear with hot water can make it loose. The elastic would be ruined and even your new underpants would have to retire. Thus, avoid washing your underwear with hot water. Printed underwear for men has its own risk with hot water, thus avoiding its contact.

Harsh detergents

If you want to give your underwear a long life then avoid using a harsh detergent to wash them. It would even affect your body too. Harsh detergents can lower the PH level of your genitalia leading to itchiness and discomfort. If choosing to bleach then go for non-chlorinated bleach which would help to increase the life of your underwear.

How to tuck?

Are you someone who tucks their shirts in your underwear? Duh. This would lead to showing the waistband of your underwear which is not a modest thing to experience. Plus, it can make the elastic of your underwear loose. You can instead go for men’s hipster underwear.

Size matters

Well, size matters. Especially while choosing underwear. Go for underwear, not too tight, not too loose, just enough for your comfort. You might find good underwear in men’s underwear sales. From designer briefs to mini trunks all need to make you feel comfortable.

Good underwear would make your day better. It can change your mood. Believe in lucky underwear? Lucky underwear feels lucky because it gives you comfort which in turn brings confidence in you. So now when you know the secret of lucky underwear why not make more of it? Choose underwear that is comfortable which would make you feel lucky.


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