Types of masks and their effectiveness

Types of masks and their effectiveness

Countries across have been battling the pandemic from the last six months and still there isn’t a reliable solution to get out of this wave of Covid-19. While the economy and our lives are taking a turn towards normalcy with necessary precautions it is imperative for us to know the proper distinction between the types of masks available in the market and their pros and cons for conscious and protective buying. The following are various types of masks readily available in the market: 

  1. Surgical Respiratory Masks: 

– These pleated masks are highly effective as their filtration rate is high and they don’t allow micro pores to enter in vicinity easily. However one is concerned about their non-reusability. These masks are worn and disposed and as they are made up of plastic particles, they are not eco-friendly. 

  1. Reusable Respiratory Masks: 

– Another type of mask available in the market is the reusable respiratory mask which has an air filter. Manufacturers of these masks claim that these masks provide protection from Covid-19 as long as the filters are replaced regularly. However, these filters are one way which allow exchange of the impure air around a person out in his/her surroundings. This inturn can spread infection from infected people who have not been tested yet.

  1. Reusable cloth masks: 

– Washable, reusable masks are a sustainable way forward. Single layered cotton masks are not as effective as N95 or surgical masks as the cotton pores are larger. Having recognised this problem, Muwin masks are four times layered cotton masks providing comfort and doesn’t irritate your skin and are functional as well. 

While purchasing masks for future use, ensure that you are aware of the effects of those masks which provide protection from the virus as well as adapt in a sustainable way. It is imperative that we do not let go of our responsibility towards reducing the plastic pollution in our environment and adopt methods in the time of this pandemic which are healthy for mother nature as well as us.


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