Our Story

Muwin, entrenched on the journey of sustainable and conscious fashion.
We have embarked upon the journey to sustainable and conscious fashion. With an ambition to provide plush fabric which solely looks after your comfort in all aspects. Muwin clothing is designed in a way that puts luxury, sustainability and comfort at the top of its principles.

We fret over underwear!

For far too long men have avoided, neglected, taken for granted their inner needs and we mean it literally. From chaffing to sweating, men have been experiencing discomfort for far too long. Hence, we wanted to create a product that addresses all these problems in a cool, contemporary and conscious way.




Get confident in matters
of internal confidentiality

The brand purpose that unites everyone at Muwin is our focus on high-quality functional clothing that allows the wearer to be independent as well as well-supported.




Muwin is a retail brand of Madhusudan Group. Synonymous with class and trust, Madhusudan Group is a firm believer in the Fibre to Fabric, the company has proved its mettle as a one stop solution to all the textile needs. With a legacy in the textile industry that spans over 35 years we recognise that luxury lies in the fabric. The magic of our garments lies in our fabric that is ethically produced in house by our parent company, Madhusudan group. We make products locally but with a global appeal, using our history to shape the future.

A blend of the World’s finest Supima Cotton and the most sustainable eco-soft TENCEL ™ Micro-modal

ensures to wrap things up with the utmost care and comfort.