From Fashion-Conscious to Conscious-Fashion

A Step Towards Creating a Better World.

How it all started?

We wish we had a cool story of how we unlocked the secret our ancestors left with us and turned it into this wonder, but it is not that glamorous. It is a very personal belief that moved us enough to start Muwin; to leave the world in a better state than we found it. ‘Sustainable Fashion’ no longer needed to be a term to avoid, but thoroughly embraced instead and hence, we’ve made Muwin fashion-forward in all ways and consciously formulated enough for it to truly be forward fashion; clothing of the future.

Our Approach

The idea was simple, developing fashion with a purpose. Clothing that is comfortable, durable, high-quality, and aesthetic along with being extremely sustainable from fiber to fabric, a merger that is coveted for today’s fashion­savvy and eco-conscious generation.

Our Process

Our fiber is sourced from the world’s finest sustainable resources; fabric manufacturing is carried out using advanced machinery and techniques delivering a dimensionally stable fabric with premium colour, brilliance, depth, shade and anti-fade properties.

Apart from these, we are a bit of blending mavericks. We love to develop unique and favorable formulations of blended fabrics that make fashion a comforting art for every wearer and the result, an incomparable feat.