8 Face Mask myths you need to stop believing right this minute

8 Face Mask myths you need to stop believing right this minute

Masks are here to stay. In fact, they should have been here a long time ago but nevertheless, they have arrived now and it doesn’t look like they are leaving us anytime soon. Masks are not new to humans. Doctors wear them every time they are in the operation theatre to protect themselves and patients from getting infected. The cleaning crew everywhere are also required to wear masks regularly while on duty. But now, due to COVID-19 these masks have reached every household from the richest to the poorest. 

Experts believe that if all of us would cover our face for the next 4-6 weeks, we could drive this epidemic to the ground. We know that wearing a mask is important but it comes with a lot of complications as well. 

Since it is not in our nature or routine to use them therefore a lot of people are hesitant and increasingly finding excuses to avoid wearing them. 

Muwin is here to debunk 8 famous myths about masks which might help the mankind in future:

Myth 1: Mask is just a balloon business idea and there’s no science to support it.

Yes, it was stated by the WHO during the early days of the pandemic that masks are not a solution to protect one from getting infected but later, it was accepted by them and also issued in an advisory by the Indian government to use them at all times. 

Myth 2: Asymptomatic people aren’t contagious and hence they don’t have to wear a mask. 

This is indeed a very complex issue as even the WHO doesn’t have an answer for this. Maria Van Kerkhove, technical head of COVID-19 disease made a statement saying the rate of transmission from asymptomatic people is unknown. Common sense would say to be careful in such a scenario with your masks on. 

Myth 3: People cured of COVID-19 cannot be re-infected and hence do not need a mask.

Unfortunately, a recent study showed that the antibody levels in a selected group of patients fell severely after three months. This suggests that people who have contracted it earlier are also vulnerable to contract it again and hence even they need to mask up. Thankfully Muwin Masks are 30 times washable and reusable for our convenience. 

Myth 4: Cloth masks aren’t effective.

This myth carries significant importance in a country like India where most of the population cannot afford N-95 masks repeatedly. Where N-95 masks are 99% effective, cloth masks have a high percentage of 94-96% themselves to prove they are effective. Muwin provides masks with 4 layer protection and has a Filtration layer from Government approved labs which helps eliminate the risk of many diseases. 

Myth 5: If masks worked, we wouldn’t need ‘social distance’.

There are steps involved in keeping one safe from COVID-19. 

-Wear your mask when outside your home

-Keep social distance

-Wash hands thoroughly

One would easily be able to spot tons of people with their masks not covering their nose or touching/adjusting their masks time and again. This gives space to the disease to come in contact with our body and hence makes social distancing an important step. Muwin Masks have a built-in nose clip for a comfortable fit so that one can stay protected always. 

Myth 6: Oxygen levels drop dramatically when masked

Masks are only advised to be kept aside when undergoing vigorous physical activity and not at all to be ignored during normal routine. Muwin masks are breathable and have moisture wicking technology which not only makes wearing masks easy but comfortable for a long period as well.

Myth 7: Wearing mask weakens the immune system in the long run

There is no scientific evidence to support this. People who claim this come from the belief that the body will not get exposed to germs and hence the immune system will fall weak. We have billions of bacteria in and on our bodies, and therefore, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Myth 8: Masks only protect others; they don’t protect you if others don’t wear them

A guideline supported by many scientists from around the globe is that when an infected and a non-infected person meet, these are the rates of transmission which could transpire-

Infected and non-infected both without masks: 90%

Infected without a mask and non-infected with mask: 30%

Infected with mask and non-infected without a mask: 5%

Infected and non-infected both with masks: 1%

As it is clear, masks are your shields against COVID-19. They are strongly recommended to be worn all the time. Muwin provides you with the best face masks available in the market with a wide range of prints and designs for both adults and kids. So buy a Muwin Mask today. 


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